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Our Services

The following is an outline of the architectural services typically provided by Structure Strategies. The exact services provided will be specific to your needs/request: Our Services are of 3 phases. 

  • -Design Phases.
  • -Refine Phases.
  • -Build Phases.

Build Phase. During the Design Phases, Structure Strategies Architects will develop the basic design concepts for the project and begin to coordinate these concepts with existing utilities and design & engineering consultants if required. Design services include:

  •       -Development and refinement of a design concept for the project based on the programmatic requirements of the Owner.
  •       -Coordination of proposed appliances, equipment and any related technical issues.
  •       -Development of the design of any millwork and cabinetry requirements.
  •       -Preliminary coordination with the Structural and MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, & Plumbing) Engineers, Landscape and Interior Designers as may be required.
  •       -Preparation of design drawings including floor plans and exterior elevations for Client approval.



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