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Our Models

Our models are carefully crafted by creative ideas Architects. Many professional contractors have built-in systems for quality control. And alot are using our models while a few recreate them.



SS Archy employs the talents of architects, project managers and draftsman to complete the project team, each with unique skills and experience tailored to the needs of each client. There is so much more to view in our show room!


Floor Plans

SS Architectural design is 80% cloud-based and table base, so you can make changes on the fly during client meetings.
Adapt your proposal according to your clients needs, from small details to major changes: floor covering, textures, wall colors, furniture style… Generate the 3D rendering in a few minutes and get their decision, on site.

SS Archy Design Project of a two-storey house with large windows in the style of Wright with a garage – Projects of houses and cottages in Colorado Springs

Building area: 226.14 m2
Height in skate: 9.2 m
Roof pitch: 20°
Roof area: 365 m2
House dimensions: 16.34×13.84m

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